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2021 Best Employers of North Carolina

For the past two years, Copiers Plus has been graciously awarded the distinction of being one of the Best Employers In North Carolina by Business North Carolina Magazine. We are very thankful for this recognition though we know it is one that would not have happened without our great employees and customers we serve. You […]

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How Paper Doesn’t Have To Be A Thing Of The Past

Below is an article written by Drew and shared on the GWBJ Insights page. Do you ever long for the simplicity of yesteryear? Back when technology wasn’t at our fingertips and could be kept at an arm’s length. I think of the Tim McGraw song, “Back When” where he says: “We got too complicated. It's […]

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Technology Trends Drive Expansion in the U.S. Construction Industry: Large Format Printing is a Proven Winner

Construction is one of the top performing industries in the United States. In spite of, or perhaps even because of, COVID-19, this industry has swiftly adapted to recent social and economic upheaval. As many industry sectors struggled through the last quarter of 2020, private development of single-family homes and construction for home improvements surged. “The […]

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Celebrating 35 Years Of Growing With Technology And Family

Below is an article written by Drew and shared on the GWBJ Insights page. This November marks 35 years of Copiers Plus being in operation and serving clients with their office technology needs. It all started on November 3rd, 1985 in Fayetteville, North Carolina when Bob Smith decided to embark on a new journey in […]

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Hot US Real Estate Market: Silver Lining in the Pandemic Storm

Years from now—once the scourge of COVID-19 is in our rear-view window—US economists and public health experts will have the luxury of musing retrospectively on the high cost, both in lives and livelihoods, of the 2020 pandemic. They’ll also look back on a residential real estate boom that provided a remarkable bright spot in an […]

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After the Pause: Back to School?

COVID-19 has disrupted our work and family life like no other crisis in recent history. With many more parents working from home and a hodge-podge of school re-opening plans underway across the country, the concept of “Back to School” remains elusive. And whether schools opt for in-person, remote, or hybrid teaching models, parents are scrambling […]

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Not-So-Open-Office, Part II

More than seven months into the COVID19 pandemic, American industry still faces a daunting dilemma: how to safely return employees to the workplace. Even while some (primarily white collar) business sectors have swiftly pivoted to remote work, others are hard pressed to resume or ramp up in-person services. Health experts are increasingly focused on preventing […]

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Large Format Printing – Countless Possibilities

Below is an article written by Drew and shared on the GWBJ Insights page. Many offices are accustomed to having copiers, printers and scanners as tools to stay productive and streamline both hardcopy and digital processes. Though, only a few offices take advantage of large format printing through wide format printers. Many times, businesses will […]

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How Much Does a Copier Cost?

[arve url="https://youtu.be/wT1iL4bJ-6g" /] Many details go into pricing a copier machine that can fluctuate your specific case, though on average you can expect one to cost $7,000 to purchase. Commercial copy machines have come a long way since the days of opening up the platen cover to place a document on the glass to make […]

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Not-So-Open Offices in the Near Future?

With cases of COVID-19 increasing across North Carolina—and indeed throughout many regions of our nation and the world—businesses large and small are seeking ways to safely re-open offices. Bringing employees back into the workplace amidst a pandemic requires, at minimum, a plan for infectious disease preparedness and response. And while guidance from governmental entities like […]

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