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We help NC businesses find the right device, saving them time and money.
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The Wrong Copier Contract Can Cost You More Than You Think.

High Overage Bills
Not having your print allowances tailored to your actual usage can lead to hefty overage bills on top of your monthly payment.
Unwanted Renewals
Nobody likes when a contract they aren’t fond of renews automatically for 12 months, but that sadly happens far too often.
Poor Output Quality
You want documents you print and share to look impressive, though that requires proper maintenance and adjustments that may not be happening.
Security Liabilities
Not having secure sign-on in place to safeguard your devices can bring security breaches and excess un-auditable printing costs.
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The Right Copier Contract To Save You Time, Money and Beyond!

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Our team of professionals are equipped with the training and expertise to make sure you are running smoothly, all the time.
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Whether you need a printer, copier, scanner or shredder, we have technology to fit your needs today and beyond.
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We offer flexible payment options that allow your organization to take advantage of the latest technology for a low monthly rate.
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Offer the ability to sign-on at devices so audit trails of employee printing, scanning and faxing are accessible.
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You Deserve Transparency. Get A Copier Agreement You Can Trust.

We make sure you get a plan that fits your needs without the red tape.
Custom Print
You dictate the allowance you want as well as the overage cycle that works best.
Clear Contractual
We leave you with a clear understanding of your contractual responsibilities. .
Our remote monitoring allows us to send you toner before you even know it’s needed.
No Automated
A live person will answer your call and professionally assist you.
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Equipment & Maintenance

Full lineup of Kyocera multifunction printers and copiers
Leasing, rental, and purchase options to match nearly any budget
Desktop & stand alone scanners
All inclusive maintenance plans that include toner, parts and labor
Desktop & stand alone shredders
Automatic meter readings and toner replenishment
Multiple Wide-Format Printers
A live representative to answer your questions
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Better Printing & Scanning - You Can Plan On It!

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Request a consultation on our site or by calling 800-648-7081
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Meet with a representative to go over your needs & current environment.
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Get a proposal and choose the best plan for you
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Devices installed and employees equipped with training, access and continual support.
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Outdated print and scan technology isn’t your only option. Gain the modern features you want with the price point you need, with a plan from Copiers Plus.

With plans starting as low as $95 a month, your organization can achieve greater productivity at a fraction of the cost!
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With 5 locations across North Carolina, along with footholds in areas like Lumberton, Jacksonville, Holly Springs, Asheboro and Hendersonville, we have the scope to meet your office printing needs where you are! When it comes to providing you with a proper copier and service plan, we understand that your needs are unique. That is why we consult with you to understand your print environment, seeing the types of documents your organization routinely prints and scans to ensure our solution helps you reach your document technology goals. Oftentimes we hear from prospects that they already have a commercial copier contract with another company. Though that may be the case, your needs likely have changed while the technology features you’ve been provided have not. Your office deserves to have a copy machine that is adapted to the needs of your office environment, not the inventory of a copier dealer. We will prioritize transparency and make sure you understand what is included in your agreement. Through our relationship, you will continuously be educated on new technology available to make your print quality higher, your document workflow process smoother, and your security protocols tighter. With Copiers Plus, your multi-function printer and maintenance plan will come with customer service that prioritizes you. Our team will always be there to answer your call...not a robot.
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