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Printing Can Be Complex and Costly

We help North Carolina businesses simplify and save on their printing expenses.
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Equipment & Maintenance
Managed Print Services
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Unmanaged Printers Can Eat Your Profits

Is your office part of the 90% of businesses that do not manage printing expenses or track printing costs?
No Reporting
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You Deserve To Know How Much You Are Spending.
We Can Help.

Up to Date
Modern equipment that is fit to your needs and integrates with ever evolving applications and software.
Receive detailed spreadsheets regarding print usage, down to the individual employee level.
Secure Printing
Apply user authentication protocols that can restrict or permit employees the ability to access certain features and provide audit trails of their usage history.
Maintenance plans that are low cost and high reward with long lasting supplies and our team of professionals at your disposal.
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Your Time Is Precious. Stop Spending It On Printing Issues.

On Average, we save Managed Print customers 15% on printing related expenses.
Remove The Mystery
Go from File+Print=? To a consistent and budgeted line item each month
Replace Outdated Equipment
Receive strategic equipment and software placements tailored to each employee
Address Security Liabilities
Implement auditable processes that record and restrict user behaviors
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You Deserve
A Better Plan

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Request Consultation

Get in touch with a representative online or via the phone to schedule a time to meet and go over preliminary details pertinent for the initial meeting.


Develop Plan

Work with us to evaluate your current equipment, behaviors and cost, to then craft a custom solution that represents what you want and need.


Start Saving

Put your solution to work. Begin experiencing the freedom that managed printing and consistent monitoring can bring to your organization.

Services We Offer

& Maintenance

Flexible payment options
New & refurbished hardware inventory
Maintenance plans including 
supplies & labor
Scanners, Shredders & More

Print Services

Print fleet management and monitoring
In-depth employee usage reporting
Easy to budget monthly payment
Automated toner replenishment


Convert paper files to digital
Incorporate disaster recovery procedures
Automate processes with rule-based approvals
Audit trails for scanning & printing
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Stop Putting Off Getting Your Printing Expenses Under Control,
Start Saving With Managed Print.

With some companies spending as much as 3% of their annual revenue on printing expenses, it’s in your best interest to take a deeper look at what printing is costing your organization in time and money spent.
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With offices in Fayetteville, Raleigh, Wilmington, Greensboro and Asheville, we understand the variety of circumstances organizations across North Carolina face in regards to their printing technology. Maybe you have a couple printers and think they aren't worth the time to address. In short, they are. We often discover ink-jet printers in these circumstances are drastically overused and therefore cost far more than a room full of appropriately managed devices. You see, no matter how busy your office is or the copy machine contracts you already have in place, it is worth getting a full report of your print spend and usage. The good news for you is we offer our consultation and the insights discovered therein at no charge. With this report and accurate total cost of ownership for your organization, you will be able to determine the best plan forward and prioritize initiatives like working to become a paperless office or implementing automation into your document workflows. No matter what is next for your office technology, Copiers Plus is ready to guide you along the way.

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