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Our Managed Print Services Plan Will Help You Simplify And Save On Your Printing Expenses
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Copiers & Printers Are Crucial To Organizations Of All Sizes
Getting Their Work Done.

But there are some problems...





Inability to produce audit trails for employee printing, scanning, and faxing history while having confidential documents sent to shared devices
Various cheap store bought inkjet printers are used in employee offices causing multiple print drivers and clunky asset lists.
Multiple vendors and an as needed approach to equipment and supplies makes it hard to be aware of what each device is costing per printed page.
Outdated printers and incompatible ink bought in bulk leave you with unallocated resources.
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Your Bottom Line Is Invaluable. We Will Help You Increase It.

Most businesses underestimate their printing costs by as much as 50 percent. We will bring you clarity - then savings.


Understand exactly what you are spending on all printing related expenses, then put a Managed Print Services plan in place that on average saves companies 15 percent.


Never worry about buying or keeping up with toner or ink again. Through automatic toner replenishment, devices will be monitored and toner shipped directly to you.


Through our plan, you are in control and will have increased transparency over all employee behaviors and the ability to better adhere to industry regulations.
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Unleash Your Productivity With A Managed Print Solution





Integrate with new applications and software while reaping the benefits of superior print quality and speeds from our impressive hardware lineup.
Adjust contracted volume to match your changing needs by utilizing our detailed reports on employee print usage and behaviors.
Control access of employees to certain features of your devices and gain audit trails for greater compliance to your industry’s standards.
Receive professional and courteous technical support from our team of highly trained service professionals.
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Managed Print Services

Print fleet management & monitoring
Custom fit to match your organization’s needs
In depth employee usage reporting
Flexible to change with you as your needs evolve
Easy to budget monthly payment
Scheduled quarterly reviews with our team to monitor print patterns and address any needed changes
Automatic toner replenishment
One number to call for all printer related questions
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The MPS Journey

Step 1: Analysis

We will take our findings from our analysis and feed data into our proprietary formulas that are based on industry averages in order to get a full understanding of your environment.
Some common things we discover
  • Toner no longer compatible with current model printers
  • Hyperlinks being printed and costing a full color click charge
  • Small inkjet printers being over utilized
  • Large toner-based printers being under-utilized

Step 2: Processing

We will take our findings from our analysis and feed data into our proprietary formulas that are based on industry averages in order to get a full understanding of your environment.
Areas we address
  • Financial Obligations
  • Productivity Challenges
  • Workflow Bottlenecks
  • Security Vulnerabilities

Step 3: Plan Creation

Co-create a plan with our team that provides a custom blend of hardware, software, and service solutions that best address your organization initiatives
Examples of plan targets
  • Redeploy devices that are operating efficiently
  • Update outdated and expensive printers and copiers
  • Create printing restrictions and protocols for employees
  • Institute audit trails for all printing, scanning, and faxing

Step 4: Implementation

Once an agreed-upon strategy is confirmed, we will implement the Managed Print Program through a detailed installation and training of employees.
What to expect after implementation
  • Simplified billing procedures
  • Efficient printing behaviors
  • Savings on printing related expenses
  • All-Inclusive service, supplies & monitoring

Step 5: Monitoring

We understand that the work only begins with installation which is why we follow up with consistent reviews to go over printing behaviors and strategies on how to operate at maximum efficiency.
Benefits of on-going monitoring
  • Flexibility to adjust contracted volumes
  • Identify changes in printing behaviors
  • Remove obsolete devices as needed
  • Proactive planning for growth or downsizing
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Stop Taking The Bait On Discount Ink. Start Truly Saving With A Copiers Plus Managed Print Services Plan.

Most businesses underestimate their printing costs by as much as 50 percent. We can help you uncover the facts and start saving!
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With locations in the Sandhills, Triangle, Triad, North Carolina coast and mountain regions, we understand the printing challenges organizations face in our area and are able to deploy a qualified local NC solution. We understand that every office is unique and that their solution should be as well. That is why we offer an analysis of your printing fleet at no charge, to give a clear picture of what you are currently working with and address the possibilities moving forward. One thing we often hear from companies is that they already save on printing because they buy their ink in bulk. Even though your office may buy discounted ink for your print fleet, several of these ink cartridges may go unused as printers are replaced before they get through their purchased supplies or are devices that are unnecessary for your team altogether. You deserve to spend only what you need, and have a rate that is fair without quantity restrictions. We will help your organization understand the difference between inkjet and toner based devices, how to determine the appropriate features and sized device for individual employees and when a shared device is optimal. Though the greatest attribute we will bring to the table is the ability for you to know what you are spending down to a single print, and better yet, how much you will save each month with our managed print services plan.
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