Wide Format Printers

Many times, businesses will rely on print shops to serve their oversized print needs even though the cost comes at a premium and is subject to the timetable of the printer. When you switch to a wide format printer, the possibilities are countless!

Generate Brainstorming & Collaboration

Having the ability to print diagrams, charts or calendars could assist in this process by giving structure to your conversations. Another good fit would be analyzing large graphics, models or blueprints. It is one thing to see them on a small piece of paper or screen but imagine 36 inches of details at your team’s fingertips.


A key feature of some wide format printers is the ability to scan documents. The devices are adapted to a variety of file types that include: DWF, DWG, CAD, PDF, TIFF and more. Some models also feature a USB port to make printing and scanning possible without a network connection.


Whether you have a storefront business or just a need to share your products, wide format printers can help. No longer will you have to wait to change your signs, you can do them on the fly. While indoor signage is most popular, you can also create temporary outdoor signage via the specialized ink available in certain models.

Products & Protocols

Large format printing is perfect for creating the space you need to fully explain complex steps in a layout that can be folded and lightweight. You can also create stunning posters that display your products in a custom way in your showroom or around town.

Some Examples of Large Format Printing Opportunities

• Blueprints
• Posters
• Product Comparisons
• Indoor/Temporary Outdoor Signage
• House Listings
• Evacuation Plans
• Meeting Materials
• Photography/Artwork Prints
• Maps
• Product Instructions
• Facility Maps

• Organizational Charts
• Menus
• Schedules/Calendars
• Spreadsheets
• Charts
• Specials
• Custom Giftwrap
• Product Posters
• Mission Statement
• Social Distancing Protocols
• Safety Protocols

How Would You Use a Wide Format Printer?

Sometimes bigger is better! If you are outsourcing large format jobs or just haven’t thought about how you can maximize your messaging both internally and externally through a wide format printer, we would love to help you. We can brainstorm and craft a plan that works best for your organization’s needs and budget.
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