Paper Trail: Managed Print Services for Law Firms

March 18, 2020 by Drew Smith

It’s difficult to imagine a more paper-intensive workplace than a law office. No matter the size, every law firm or practice relies heavily on paper documents and hard copies. And while law firms have historically lagged behind in adopting new technology, investments in U.S. legal tech reached $1.2 billion in 2019.

High Stakes

A significant portion of this spending is dedicated to cybersecurity—enhancing protections for firms’ and clients’ sensitive and private information. Integrating security solutions across equipment and platforms is essential in every industry, but law firms face unique challenges. On a daily basis, staff at law firms handle Personal Medical Information (PMI) subject to legislation such as the HIPAA act, or financial documents that fall under the Sarbanes-Oxley act, designed to flag corporate fraud. But this is just the tip of the iceberg.

Paper Please!

In the legal profession, documents provide the best means to contextualize and formalize opinions, filings, motions, and agreements. Case notes and research generate even more printed pages. Within this document-intensive environment, industry researchers estimate that law firms spend around 3% of their revenues on printing and copying related expenses every year. Team members at Copiers Plus are uniquely qualified to help firms identify inefficiencies in their current systems and maximize their expenditures on Managed Print Services (MPS).

One Size Doesn’t Fit All

Typically, smaller law offices—and even some corporate firms—purchase desktop and multi-function printers (MFPs) piecemeal, either when an equipment lease terminates or when an older device is deemed obsolescent or inoperable. This leads to mismatched equipment and processes for different departments within the practice. What’s more, even firms with an in-house IT staff face a host of ever-changing cybersecurity threats.

Benefits of MPS Providers Like Copiers Plus

  • An MPS provider can guide firms in choosing the best printing/copying equipment, based upon volume and applications for each department.
  • An MPS provider will ensure that printers and copiers are secured, and also enforce security policies across the fleet of devices. With the addition of options like LRS® MFPsecure/Print pull printing—that work in tandem with Kyocera hardware—individual print jobs are held on solution’s PersonalQ until the user is ready to print on any equipped Kyocera MFP in the office.
  • An MPS provider helps firms to reestablish control over their print operations and reduce the total costs associated with document production and copying.
  • MPS providers enable firms to anticipate a consistent budget for printing, copying, and transmitting documents.
  • MPS providers conduct regular preventive maintenance services, reducing downtime on equipment and the resulting bottlenecks in workload.
  • MPS monitors all the equipment in your fleet. This helps not only to assure MFPs never run out of supplies, but also keeps track of every printing job so that billing for client copies is streamlined and completely transparent. At many firms, more than half the hard copy production is from print. With a Cost Recovery Print Manager like nQueue, firms can capture all its printing-related data.

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