How Private Print Helped Stop A Zombie Outbreak

November 1, 2019 by Drew Smith

On the Saturday before Halloween, Impact Church’s youth group ventured into the streets of Wilmington in search of clues to thwart a full-on zombie apocalypse. Known as the annual “Pumpkin Hunt,” the ghoulish quest took participants all around the Port City, ultimately leading them to Copiers Plus for a final showdown with the living dead!

Drew Smith –Director of Communications for Copiers Plus – played the role of security guard. As the group fought off monsters and rummaged through our make-shift laboratory, Drew tried his best to regulate the chaos!

“We had hints and riddles stretching from Monkey Junction to downtown along with several volunteers dressed to the nines as doctors and zombies,” Drew said. “Everything pointed them back to our office, which housed the pumpkin infected with the zombie virus strand. It was pretty intense.”

The group stumbled upon many challenges during the three-hour hunt. However, few were more unique than that presented on a single sheet of paper.

“We used a private printed document to hide a crucial answering key for accessing the Copiers Plus lab,” Drew said. “The students had to use a black light to reveal the pin code on a sheet of paper above the printer and follow the secure printing protocols.”

Fortunately, one group of participants used their investigative prowess and survival skills to figure it out, isolate the correct serum, and dissolve the zombie bacteria within the cursed gourd.

“It was a great time and just shows some of the more creative uses for your modern multi-function printer,” Drew laughed.

If you’d like to join the secret message fun and have a Kyocera, check out these instructions on how to private print. Enjoy and make sure to share your stories with us!