Hot US Real Estate Market: Silver Lining in the Pandemic Storm

December 8, 2020 by Drew Smith

Years from now—once the scourge of COVID-19 is in our rear-view window—US economists and public health experts will have the luxury of musing retrospectively on the high cost, both in lives and livelihoods, of the 2020 pandemic. They’ll also look back on a residential real estate boom that provided a remarkable bright spot in an otherwise dismal economy.

Today, ten months into the pandemic, realtors are racking up figures that rival those prior to the 2008 housing market meltdown. “I’m having one of the best sales years ever,” said Wilmington realtor Zulima Devia at Re/Max Realty “It’s buyers all across the board: from first-time homebuyers to people buying second homes for vacation getaways, to people moving south or out of big cities; they want more space and to maintain safety amidst the pandemic.”

Southeast Among the Hottest of the Hot

According to a new report from real estate brokerage firm Redfin, “half of this year’s hot neighborhoods are clustered in Virginia, Florida, North Carolina, and Tennessee.” These areas are receiving the greatest year-over-year page views on websites. The National Association of Realtors includes Charlotte, NC, and Raleigh-Durham-Chapel Hill areas among the nation’s Top 10 housing markets in 2020.

Technology to Keep up with Demand

Along with the challenges of COVID-19 protocols, realtors must keep pace with customers clamoring for higher-end home features in more affordable markets. “COVID-19 has accelerated the use of technology,” said Devia. “The virtual open house is now the standard rather than something used just for ultra-high-end properties.”

Closings are increasingly conducted virtually with minimal contact, perhaps with just the buyer and title clerk or attorney present in one location. Even so, real estate transactions are notoriously paper-intensive. Closing documents contain sensitive customer information like signed applications, disclosure forms and financials, affidavits, assignment of liens, purchase or sales agreements. All of this must remain secure and organized for retrieval at a later time.

Kyocera Managed Document Solutions

To that end, Kyocera’s suite of Managed Document Services (MDS), optimizes realtors’ document environment, converting that endless stream of paper into digital formats. The suite breaks down into these flexible phases:

  • ECM (Enterprise Content Management)
    ECM works holistically to manage information across all departments of an organization. It automates procedures, enables simultaneous work, and makes operations more comprehensible—leading to optimum control.
  • Customization Services
    This component enables real estate offices and agents to customize an application or specification that slightly differs from standard ones for individual (and often-changing) business workflow needs.
  • Global Services
    Kyocera’s Global Services support global customers, improving their document management by introducing a consistent cost-effective environment of hardware and services as well as efficient document workflows.

With managed document solutions, real estate agencies reduce the costs of filing, searching, and retrieving documents. This also substantially eliminates the chance of lost or missing documents.

As nearly half (46%) of Americans are considering a move this year, Copiers Plus is pleased to offer our area realtors excellence in both products and service—helping them to thrive in this competitive marketplace.