Document Management Systems: Streamlining Policies and Procedures for a Public Health Emergency

April 21, 2020 by Drew Smith

With the onslaught of the COVID-19 Coronavirus pandemic, workforces around the globe are deploying new technologies to accommodate quarantined employees in efforts to deliver vital services and—when possible—keep people working. As U.S. health care professionals fight to save lives and reduce the spread of this deadly virus, IT professionals also play a crucial role, helping every sector of American commerce to reshape and retool operations. Now, more than ever, personnel need to collaborate efficiently as they work from multiple locations and “meet” in virtual spaces to deliver cohesive messaging.

In recent times—with the U.S. job market booming—HR staff rushed to distribute handbooks of company policies for onboarding new employees. Now, it’s far more likely employers are delivering messages heralding layoffs or limited hours.

“In this unprecedented public health emergency, generating updated policies and procedures is the first step for any organization,” said Kevin Oberman, Vice President of Sales at Copiers Plus. “Document management (DM) software provides a seamless transition from a print-driven task like this into a much more streamlined process.”

As the COVID-19 epidemic progresses, information continues to arrive via federal, state, and local authorities, seemingly daily. “Business leaders have to respond quickly and accurately,” said Oberman. “This applies to internal and external communications, alike. Document management is a powerful tool in this context. Like all over the country, our customers—many of them small to midsize businesses (SMBs)—have been suddenly forced to revamp policies and procedures to incorporate all the new COVID-19 regulations. At the same time, they still have to ensure they’re meeting the operational needs for the company, and staying in compliance with industry regulations.”

Guiding the Way

DM software encompasses a wide range of features and functionalities. Automating processes for generating and disseminating new policies and procedures is only one. The professionals at Copiers Plus are available now to help you evaluate your current paper-based process and deploy a DM solution that best meets your needs.

Big Benefits

DM systems for paperless policies and procedures like Ademero’s deliver capabilities to:

  • Disseminate critical information to an unlimited number of recipients
  • Centralize policy and procedure documentation
  • Review and approve workflow processes online
  • Maintain a full audit trail of your documents
  • Securely transfer files of unlimited sizes
  • Generate deadline notifications and E-mail reminders
  • Simplify and facilitate collaboration
  • Eliminate physical documents
  • Eliminate human error

In addition to improved efficiency, DM systems can also act as collaboration tools, enabling business to:

  • Access on-site and cloud-based solutions to keep you in compliance when storing, retrieving, managing, and sharing critical business documents
  • Seamlessly integrate with programs such as: OneDrive, OnBase, Google Drive, DropBox, QuickBooks, Evernote, SharePoint, among others

While DM software has been trending across all sectors in recent years, the current COVID-19 crisis highlights the importance of pivoting toward paperless systems that prove more efficient, secure, and cost effective. Security features like data encryption, system event logging, and customizable permissions and access make DM an excellent future-facing investment for any business.

At Copiers Plus, we’re confident our nation and community will weather this storm. In the meantime, we’re here to help businesses through, positioning them for a return to prosperity and good health. If you would like to learn more about how you can foster an environment of collaboration across your organization, reach out to us at 800-648-7081 or via the button below to schedule your free assessment.