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Our Promises

You will never have to deal with an automated system. Our sales and service contact professionals are eager to serve you!

Copiers Plus will respond to your service request within six business hours or we will issue a $50.00 credit to your account. Response means a service technician will arrive at your location to perform necessary repairs on your equipment.


We will dispatch factory trained qualified technicians to perform the repairs to your equipment. We understand the necessity for adequate experience and expertise to maintain your equipment in this advanced technological age.


We will keep an adequate stock of parts and supplies on hand. We promise to deliver your supplies will be delivered UPS next day, if you are under contract with CPI. The penalty to Copiers Plus if we break this promise is a $50.00 credit to your account . It is impossible to foresee all macine fallacies, but Copiers Plus will strive to cover most emergency situations. When parts are not readily available they will be ordered overnight at our expense.


We, at Copiers Plus understand the importance of your equipment performing to meet your immediate needs, so we promise to provide a free loaner the next business day when your equipment is under contract with CPI. This is to satisfy any problems with delays in obtaining parts in a timely manner.


Copiers Plus promises to replace your equipment with the same or as close to the same features as your original equipment if we cannot repair it in a reasonable amount of time when your machine is under contract with CPI.  A reasonable amount of time is to be determined by a mutal agreement between Copiers Plus and you, the client.


We guarantee that at the signing of the initial Maintenance Agreement the terms will include a cap that will not be raised during the entire length of the agreement.


We promise to keep our promises.

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